Before any booking, make sure that you have enough space available for the personal spa masseur to move around without any obstacles. 2m x 3m minimum.

Fill out the booking form and specify any medical condition you may have. Some treatments may not be indicated for some states of health. Please answer honestly and to the best of your knowledge, your current health status.

The personal spa masseur works in the greater Lisbon area. Any town outside of this perimeter, may suffer a 10 euro charge for gas costs.

It is best to make the booking ahead of time so that your request can be satisfied the best possible way. Once there, a few minutes are needed before the treatment in order to prepare the room and the materials to be used. In the case of the Hot Stones treatment, it is necessary at least 30 minutes to heat the stones prior to using them.

Before the treatment, the personal spa masseur will make a few questions regarding your current health so that he may personalize the treatment for you, and possibly give you a few suggestions after.

The room where the treatment is taking place, should be at a comfortable room temperature. Clothing is up to the client, knowing that only the parts massaged will be exposed. Appropriate attire can be bra and underwear, just underwear or nude.

After the treatment, it is best to put on a robe or cover yourself with something warm, since your body temperature will drop and you could experience cold. Avoid any strenuous physical activity and/or stressful situation afterwards.

For the next few hours…