Swedish massage: (+/-60 min/60 euros)

Utilizing firm, but gentle pressure, this type of massage is deeply relaxing, improving circulation, reducing tension, stress and aching muscles. This massage is the foundation of all other types of massage, including sports, deep tissue and aromatherapy.

Sports massage: (+/-50 min/60 euros)

Utilizing fast motions and strong pressure, this type of massage is designed to help athletes prepare their muscles for competition or reduce muscle tension after training. Improves blood and lymph circulation, reduces muscle tension, chance of injury before and muscle cramps after physical activity.

Deep tissue: (+/-60 min/60 euros)

For the lovers of a strong massage, this type of massage uses the same movements and techniques as the Swedish massage but generally with an added pressure. It focuses on the deeper tissue of the muscles and helps to release chronic muscle tension along with those nasty knots.

Aromatherapy massage: (+/-60 min/60 euros) (+/-75 min/70 euros)

Essential oils are extracted from plants and highly concentrated to be mixed with a carrier oil in this amazing therapeutic massage. This massage can be personalized to your needs, weather it is a deep relaxing massage with lavender or an energetic lime to stimulate your circulation, your personal spa masseur will evaluate and recommend the best solution for you.

Ayurvedic massage: (+/-60 min/60 euros) (+/-75 min/70 euros)

“Ayur” meaning long life, “veda” meaning knowledge. Roughly translating to “knowledge of long life”. This ancient massage treatment done on a floor matt, offers a number of therapeutical advantages for pain and stress relief, insomnia, improves blood and lymph circulation, flexibility, reduces swelling, has emotional benefits and helps the body to eliminate toxins. Roughly translating into a healthier and long quality of life.

Hot stone massage: (+/-75 min/80 euros)

One of the most relaxing massages you can experience since it utilizes heated stones. The stones are made from volcanic lava which can retain heat for a long period of time. They are placed in key chakra points of your body to harmonizing energy levels and are utilized to massage and relax tight stiff muscles. The heat is actually transferred from the stone to the body, forcing the muscle to give in to complete relaxation.

NIRVANA (+/- 120 min/120 euros)

Treat yourself and experience Nirvana.

This massage incorporates all techniques into one, in order to offer you a little piece of heaven on earth…

Includes a hot stone massage, aromatherapy and deeply, relaxing movements from the Swedish massage for a unique treatment of well-being…

For 2 hours, surrender your body and elevate your spirit into Nirvana…