Hotels and Companies

Now a day, a Hotel without a Spa is an outdated concept.

Tourists are now more than ever choosing Hotels for their vacation based on holiday packages with a variety of services, including a Spa where they can unwind and relax to fully enjoy their holiday.

Some Hotels, however, in order to fill this void need to make costly renovations and undergo major construction to provide this service for this increasing tourist trend.

The Personal Spa Masseur can fill this void and provide this service for the Hotel, without any cost, while satisfying the clients´ needs for the perfect vacation.

Don’t let your Hotel be left out of the market and increase its business potential now.

Schedule a meeting today, and I will gladly make a presentation.

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Stress is the new disease of the 21st century. There are many ways to combat this, but nothing is as affective as, and healthier than a massage.

It is proven that having a massage once a month, can reduce stress levels significantly, reducing the chance of sickness, refreshing the mind and improving performance at work.

Personal Spa Masseur knows this, and is challenging to offer his services to any company who is willing to reduce stress in their staff, while simultaneously increasing their performance at work, improving business overall.

Have a stress free environment at work now, and schedule a meeting to find out about the advantages and special business rates for staff.

Richard Watson         00351-914509710